2010 Presentations

"Circle of Sharing" - Responding to Women's Voices Post Breast Reduction Surgery
Margo Bettger-Hahn

The Role of Cultural Continuity in Type 2 Diabetes Among First Nations People
Stacey Speer

The Integration of Specialty Nurse Practitioners into Ontario's Healthcare System
Tina Hurlock-Chorostecki
A two year mixed methods study of nurse practitioners working within Ontario's hospitals reveals new insights into these roles. Forty-six NPs from 9 hospitals in different geographical areas of Ontario participated in the study. The study provides more complete information on the depth and breadth of hospital NP roles across Ontario. The NP role was highly regarded and valued by all team members, including physicians yet their role outside of the emergency department remains unrecognized and untapped. Despite continued legislative limitations on the NP role, these hospital NPs were found to enable team members to work more effectively through enhanced communication, evidence-based practices, and timely decision-making for patient care.