2007 Presentations

A Decision Tree for Febrile Neutropenia: Medical Oncology Solid Tumour and Lymphoma Patients
Wendy Gillis, Marcia Langhorn, Catherine Bond-Mills, Susan Poirier

An algorithm was created for determining the most appropriate therapy based on level of risk, presence of a defined focus, history of penicillin allergy, and response to therapy at 48 hours. It guides the practitioner in decision-making at distinct times within the episode of fever and neutropenia.

Using a PDA for Charge Nurse Clinical Decision Support, Communication and Reporting: From the Clipboard to Your Pocket.
Tina Hurlock-Chorostecki RN, MScN, ACNP and Mary Kroh RN, BScN

Purpose: to study the use of a PDA by Charge Nurses in our Intensive Care Area to establish if this electronic device is effective for patient and unit flow information for Charge Nurses.

Periarticular Local Anesthetic Infusion with I-Flow Elastomeric Pump Provides Superb Analgesia, Reduces Opioid Use and Facilitates Early Ambulation
Ganapathy, S, Foster, G., Chess, D., Syrovy, J., Froste, L., Research Co-ordinator, Loft, M.

Introduction: Pain following lower limb arthroplasty is significant and is poorly controlled with intravenous narcotics. Periarticular infiltration with local anesthestics has been shown to provide excellent analgesia for 12-14 hours. This study compares the efficacy of continuing periarticular infiltration with infusion of local anesthetic using I-Flow ™ ELASTOMERIC PUMP and multiorificial “soaker catheters”.

Smoking Cessation Counselling: The Impact of the Nurse Practitioner Role on Family Medicine Residents’ Experiences

J. Mitchell, J. Brown, C. Smith

Statement of Purpose: To understand the role of the Nurse Practitioner at an academic teaching centre in educating and motivating Family Medicine Residents in Smoking Cessation Counselling.

A Quality Improvement Initiative: Responding to Patients and Families Perceptions of Care
Phoenix, E.; Kobe, B.; McKay, J.; Ledyit, A.; Pringle, L. & Small, H.

Objective: The qualitative project targeted improvements in patient and parent perceptions of the Discharge Process (DP) on an inpatient Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit.

Woman Abuse: Introducing Best Practice Guidelines within Undergraduate Nursing Education
Pam Dietrich, Anne Finigan, Marilyn Ford Gilboe, Mary Huffman, Helen Berman.

The purpose of this paper is to describe this innovative educational strategy, share ideas and learning activities with conference participants, and explore both the challenges and successes of our own lived experiences with students as we support their work with this issue over time.

Development of a Locally Advanced Breast Cancer Program: A Model of Advanced Practice Nursing Collaboration
M. Bettger-Hahn, L. Kligman, P. Baruth, B. Fitzgerald

Two Nurse Practitioners and a Clinical Nurse Specialist have worked with their surgical, medical and radiation oncology colleagues in London to create a model that is aligned with the resources in this area. As well, a prospective database has been created and links forged with the translational research unit.