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LRAPN Membership

The London and Region Advanced Practice Nurses is a non-profit organization. Members are persons who are registered nurses prepared as PHCNPs or at the Master's level or beyond and are working in a CNS, NP/CNS or NP role in London or the surrounding region. Membership is also extended to:

  • Nursing professional practice leaders of the two London hospitals and the Integrated Vice President of Nursing and Allied Health Education & Affairs, Chief Nursing Executive in London. The persons in these roles provide guidance, leadership and a link to the administrative aspects of health care in the London hospitals.
  • Members of the School of Nursing in the affiliated University of Western Ontario. These members maintain a link between the LRAPN members and nursing education. The relationship supports the sharing of resources and knowledge.
  • Nursing affiliates of the Lawson Health Research Institute, one of Canada's three largest hospital-based research institutes. These members maintain a connection with current and future research in health care.
  • A nurse who believes he/she identifies with the group.
  • Nurses enrolled in advanced education are encouraged to join to attend meetings and network with members.

To Join

If you wish to become a member, please contact any APN on the contact an APN page. There are no membership fees.

Updated 09/14