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At LRAPN we endeavour to provide the most up to date member information. To do this well we have displayed icon links to exisiting LinkedIn and /or ResearchGate public profiles. If a member has a work or research related website, this has also been linked. We welcome emails to update our information.

The Advanced Practice Nurses (CNS, NP) of LRAPN welcome inquiries related to their areas of expertise.

To search for an APN by specialty - click on the specialty name listed below to go directly to that section.

To search for an APN by name - use the "Find" feature of your internet browser.

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Add or Update your information: If you are an APN in London or area and your name or profile link does not appear on this page click here for information to submit your information.

Name & TitleContactProfileProgramLocation
Charlotte McCallum NP Adult anaesthesia / pain consultLHSC UH
Heather Whittle NP Adult anaesthesia / pain consultLHSC VH
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Name & TitleContactProfileProgramLocation
Marlene Allegretti NP Adult cardiac careLHSC UH
Jennifer Cline NP Adult  cardiac surgeryLHSC UH
Jan Hoffman NP Adult cardiologyLHSC UH
Joe Huffman NP Adult arrhythmiaLHSC UH
Cheryl Kee NP Adult cardiac surgeryLHSC UH
Julie Lorenzin CNS cardiac careLHSC UH
Andrea Willoughby NP cardiac careLHSC UH
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Name & TitleContactProfileProgramLocation
Alison Clark   community home visits SWCCAC
Jane Jennings NP PHC community home visitsSWCCAC
Joanne King NP      
Cheryl Lennox NP  community home visitsSWCCAC
Sarah McDevitt   community home visits SWCCAC
Ann Morris NP   community home visits SWCCAC
Maureen Moritzen NP   community home visits SWCCAC
Sara Renouf NP   community home visits SWCCAC
Nancy Rigutto   community home visits SWCCAC
Laura Sheridan NP PHC   community home visits SWCCAC
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Complex Care
Name & TitleContactProfileProgramLocation
Janet Hunt CNS complex carePKWD
Diana Yates NP PHC complex carePKWD
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Critical Care
Name & TitleContactProfileProgramLocation
Cathy Mawdsley CNS critical careLHSC UH
Brenda Morgan CNS critical careLHSC VH
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Name & TitleContactProfileProgramLocation
Elisabeth Harvey NP PHC diabetes careSJHC FMC
Kandus Innis NP  diabetes careSJHC FMC
Maureen Loft PhD(c) NP Adult diabetes careSJHC
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Emergency / Trauma
Name & TitleContactProfileProgramLocation
Lisa Harkness NP Adult traumaLHSC VH
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Family Medicine
Name & TitleContactProfileProgramLocation
Joan Mitchell NP PHC family medical careFMC
Wendy McCrady NP PHC family medical careSJHC
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Name & TitleContactProfileProgramLocation
Lyndsay Beker NP  geriatric consultLHSC UH
Jacqueline Crandall NP Adult geriatric consultLHSC VH
Rob MacKenzie NP PHC geriatric rehabilitationPKWD
Janyth Mowat NP Adult aging brain & memory clinicPKWD
Sue O'Hara NP Adult continence clinicPKWD
Jennifer Safadi NP PHC geriatric consultLHSC
Judy Tigert NP Adult veterans carePKWD
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Name & TitleContactProfileProgramLocation
Laurie McKellar NP PHC ACELHSC
Anna Kras-Dupuis CNS rehabilitationPKWD
Julie Todd CNS arthritis program SJHC
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Mental Health
Name & TitleContactProfileProgramLocation
Lesley Bell CNS forensic assessmentFMH
Sarah Benbow CNS forensic assessmentFMH
Sukhi Brar CNS geriatric psychiatryRMH
Anne Marie Derks NP PHC ambulatory clinic (CAT-C) PI MH
Maria Lozada CNS adult psychosisPI MH
Ann Jarvie CNS geriatric psychiatryPKWD
Liz Phoenix NP  adult aeting disorders LHSC
Leslien Walters CNS adult program PI MH
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Name & TitleContactProfileProgramLocation
Lori Harwood PhD NP Adult Adam Linton Dialysis UnitLHSC VH
Tina Hurlock-Chorostecki PhD NP Adult Adam Linton Dialysis Unit LHSC VH
Julie Ann Lawrence NP PHC Westmount Dialysis Unit LHSC
Jane Ridley NP Adult Dialysis UnitLHSC UH
Dennis Smith NP PHC  Dialysis UnitLHSC UH
Barb Wilson NP Adult Adam Linton Dialysis UnitLHSC VH
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Name & TitleContactProfileProgramLocation
Deb Bisnaire NP Adult neuro surgeryLHSC UH
Pat Doyle-Pettypiece NP Adult neurosurgery epilepsyLHSC UH
Wilma Koopman NP Adult neuromuscularLHSC UH
Corbin Lippert NP Adult neurologyLHSC UH
Lynn McEwan NP Adult MS clinicLHSC UH
Breeda O'Farrell NP Adult neurologyLHSC UH
Cheryl Talbot NP Adult  neurology LHSC UH
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Newborn / Maternal
Name & TitleContactProfileProgramLocation
Sarah Parkinson CNS maternal newbornLHSC VH
Nancy Watts CNS maternal newbornLHSC VH
Sheeva Woznuk NP Paeds neonatal ICU LHSC VH
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Name & TitleContactProfileProgramLocation
Grace Bradish NP Adult integrated cancer prgmLHSC VH
Adrienne Fulford NP PHC hematologyLHSC VH
Lyn Kligman NP  LHSC VH
Maureen Quinn NP   LHSC VH
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Name & TitleContactProfileProgramLocation
Bob Harris NP Adult  orthopedics LHSC UH
Terry Lyne McLaughlin NP  orthopedicsLHSC UH
Maribeth Witteveen NP  orthopedicsLHSC UH
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Name & TitleContactProfileProgramLocation
Lee Ann Craig NP Adult palliative careLHSC VH
Lynne Hughes Marsh NP PHC palliative careLHSC UH
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Name & TitleContactProfileProgramLocation
Liz Burrill NP Paeds cardiacLHSC VH
Anne Chambers NP Paeds   LHSC VH
Margo Devries-Rizzo NP Paeds neurologyLHSC VH
Ruth Duncan CNS diabetesLHSC VH
Kristine Hooghiem NP Paeds   LHSC VH
Lori Laudenbach NP Adult  bleeding disordersLHSC VH
Andrea Neufeld NP Paeds neurosurgeryLHSC VH
Lisa Pearlman NP Paeds palliative care LHSC VH
Jan Van Esch NP Paeds complex & transitional LHSC VH
Sandy Williams NP Paeds transplantation LHSC UH
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Name & TitleContactProfileProgramLocation
Sue Baker NP general surgLHSC VH
Pat Baruth NP Adult breast care plasticsSJHC
Margo Bettger-Hahn CNS breast care plasticsSJHC
Tracey Lampkin   ACCESS/HPB Team LHSC UH
Linda McMahon NP thoracicLHSC VH
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Name & TitleContactProfileProgramLocation
Cheryl Dale NP Adult  liver transplantLHSC UH
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Wound & Ostomy Care
Name & TitleContactProfileProgramLocation
Heather Bowles Hughes MClSc SWOT teamLHSC VH
Paulo Da Rosa MClSc SWOT teamLHSC VH
Lina Martins CNS SWOT teamLHSC UH
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Other Affiliates
Name & TitleContactProfileProgramLocation
Rosemary Kohr RN PhD healthcare consult  
Cheryl Forchuk RN PhDnurse scientistUWO / LHSC
Tony O'Regan CNSresearchLHSC
Mary van Soeren RN PhD education/research UWO
Wendy Vlasic    
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London Health Sciences Centre, 519-685-8500:University Hospital (UH), Victoria Hospital (VH) LHSC
St Josephs Health Care, 519-646-6100: Grosvenor St., Parkwood Institute Mental Health Care London (PI MH 519-455-5110), Forensics Mental Health Care St. Thomas (FMH 519-646-6000), Parkwood Institute (PKWD 519-685-4000), Family Medical Centre (FMC 519-672-9660) SJHC
South West Community Care Access Centre 1-800-811-5146 SWCCAC
Western University 519-661-2111 UWO

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Updated 11/14